Welcome to Sahara Restaurant

As our honored guests, we at Sahara would like to share with you our story and give you a glimpse into the history, culture and exquisite cuisine that is known the world over and growing increasingly popular as Mediterranean food becomes more accessible to the people who are in search of it’s tantalizing flavors and splendid array of dishes. The term Mediterranean derives from the Latin word mediterraneus, meaning “in the middle of earth” (medius, “middle” +terra, “land, earth”). The Mediterranean Sea links continents, cultures, languages, religions and cuisines. The common ground is that the people of the Mediterranean see themselves as living in the center of the world. The shores reflect a beauty rare to most who have never seen it’s fascinating brilliance of colors. Mediterranean cuisine, alike its shores embody the core of its existence, color. Mediterranean cuisine invites you to experience invigorating aromas, captivating colors, fresh ingredients and avast array of dishes with each one being as distinctive as the next Sahara Restaurant is synonymous with Mediterranean, Chaldean, and Middle-Eastern Cuisine. Sahara Restaurant was founded in 1982, with the first location in Ferndale, Michigan. The establishment has been owned and operated by Saad Attisha and his family since it’s first day opened. In 1987, New Sahara Restaurant moved its location to Oak Park and opened other locations in Sterling Heights, Farmington Hills and Shelby Twp. All of the Mediterranean,m Chaldean and Middle-Eastern dishes are prepared fresh daily by a team of exceptional chef’s. There are various specialty Chaldean dishes on the menu that are created from timeless traditional recipes; that originate from the culture and heritage of the Chaldeans.